Low cost Printing Solutions

Printing solutions, especially for small businesses, can be very expensive but are a necessary cost to market your company correctly. Even the cost difference between black and white and colour is crazy. When shopping around for your creative products consider the following:

Low Cost

Prices can vary from shop to shop and also depends on what you require. As already mentioned there is a very large price difference between black and white and colour. Even though colour is generally more effective, creative and eye-catching to prospective and current consumers it may not be feasible within your company’s budget. If you are financially constrained, until you begin to see an increase in business from the black and white printing solutions, do not spend money on the colour.

The reason for such high prices to print professionally is to cover that company’s costs. Paper, ink and toner are crazy prices nowadays then include employee labour – now it makes sense.

To get a good price on printing solutions many places make you buy in bulk. This idea is great for large companies but awful for smaller ones.


As noted above, most printing companies prefer you to buy a large quantity in order to justify their time and costs – supposedly giving you a low cost deal and therefore saving you money at the same time. However, do you need 1,000 of one design of flyers or would you prefer two 500 packs that have different designs? Many companies want to have variation plus they may not hand all the flyers out immediately meaning the remaining stock may become out dated and irrelevant therefore it is a waste of money – not something a small business can afford to lose.

The fact you can buy in bulk does sometimes mean you can save money if you only need a large quantity of the one design which is great for your budget. As they are all the same the turnaround time frame will be very little, possibly just a few days after placing your order.


The final thing to consider is the quality of your business printing solutions. As printing prices are no longer low cost you need to be getting exactly (or very close to) want you want to justify spending that amount of money.

Whether you’re looking for a glossy, satin or matte finish it’s important to ask to see the printer’s previous work and not just to take their word for it or see pictures. The quality of writing is just as important. Make sure it is clear and legible, if there is any hint of pixilation or it’s blurred your customers will not be able to read it – again another waste of money if it’s not going to be effective. Finally, look at the colours or lack thereof. If you’re looking to get black and white, again, make sure it is clear. If colour is your choice on your flyer make sure it is vibrant and eye-catching.

Most printing solutions companies have graphic designer available to help you design an effective and creative flyer that reflects your company and the values you represent, ultimately resulting in more sales and profits.



Why flyers are a great choice

Well discussing flyers, compared to other marketing devices such as posters, banners, catalogs, brochures, and so on a flyer is also one of the nice methods to communicate. In a sense that you can send out flyers through mail, you can publish leaflets in strategic places, you can provide a copy of your flyer for every client who walks in and goes out in your company facility or you can distribute a leaflet to the passing consumers, and if you are actually figured out, you can get some volunteers to pass some of your leaflets at the regional shopping mall or shopping location. You can easily spread them around.

The good idea about these flyers is that they are a quick and simple tool for communicating details to your target customer. Not just that, a single leaflet is simple to produce and affordable to produce. For those who don’t know exactly what a leaflet is, a flyer is typically a single sheet document printed in a couple of colors or in a complete color process. A leaflet works as communication in between you and the reader, letting the reader understand exactly what you can do for them. Flyer also represents you, so, it is vital that you need to do it or develop it in a best possible way.

Make your flyers standout

A leaflet printing option is the procedure you will make use of in order for you to develop good and attractive flyers. Leaflet printing is a common practice for business and personal events. A great leaflet print is the one that can easily catch the attention of the target customer. For you to grab the attention of your target customer, your leaflet must have  strong captions and a fascinating design.

Marketing research has actually shown that distributing full color flyers is more efficient than sending leaflets printed in one or two colors. If you are into complete color flyer printing referred to as digital leaflets, one method of doing it, fast and simple is through digital flyer printing.

The digital leaflet printing is the new or advance procedure that made printing process more reliable and less expensive. there are numerous reasons digital printing is the ideal choice:

  •  Digital images are more portable and last longer
  •  Moving images is easy through email, floppy or CD-ROM.
  •  Setup expenses are low enabling much shorter runs.
  •  Digital control of images can be done by the printer removing hold-ups.

Now that you have the concept of exactly what digital flyer printing is, the choice is yours. There are many printing businesses that are readily available to assist and help you, if you are having trouble producing your very own leaflets. Find the very best printing business that can help you and at the same time help your business be the best. click the link to assist you in creating your personal flyers.

Personalised Bags

Get Even More Brand Awareness From Promotional Personalised Bags

In today’s high-competitive market, it is difficult for businesses to bring in prospective customers. Promotional products offer a distinct possibility to spread your firm’s name to your particular niche market and also stay there for a while.

The marketing things you pick up are limited only by your very own creativity. They range from market-proven items such as custom bags, T-shirts, pens and also to cutting-edge products such as Soap Films, Anxiety Reducers, Tablet Boxes, Medical Spoons, CD/DVD Situations, Lunch Bags as well as Automobile Plates, all bearing your company logo as well as company details. Statistically, over 500,000 various items could be made use of as advertising items.

There is an advertising item for every event, project, or event in your company. However, regardless of what promotional products you choose, ensure you maximize your assets to get even more outcomes.  make use of these advertising and marketing sources as it will significantly boost your brand awareness.

Advertise Your Promotional Products and Services

promoting your products

Advertising items are great to promote your products or services at trade conventions relative to your market, but you might consider those trade conventions, occasions and also sessions that are not related to your business.
Dr. Bieri realized that a straightforward advertising tool such as the stock molar-shaped tooth magnet would certainly be a superb suggestion and help advertise her facility. She realized that taking part in the “Occupation Day Event” at the neighborhood Intermediate school as a volunteer, and handing out a molar-shaped to each pupil, they will certainly cherish her consideration! God recognizes our neighborhood helpers  have the money to invest in goodwill symbols! This neighborhood marketing produced exceptional leads to her technique.

Promote goodwill

Being involved in your community and exhibit at the neighbourhood community, expos, health and wellness fairs, community service occasions, fundraising occasions its great for brand awareness. You have to give your audience a solid indication that you were there for the good of the neighborhood. Promotional products like pens, magnetic calendars or post-it-notes could do a nice task for you in such instances.

Develop store traffic

 Building structure store traffic is something that cannot be done overnight. Structure shop traffic is a daily activity to be executed, as well as each event, showcase, social or area program matters in constructing a shop website traffic efficiently and also inexpensive. Whatever is the event you get involved in, bring something appealing for your audience that they will certainly not just hang onto, however additionally accomplish home or office.

Grand Opening and Anniversary Celebration

Grand Opening or Wedding anniversary events are present in every community. At your event, not only have you to properly grab the customers attention, you also obtain them inside your company. As soon as within, take this possibility to provide them something to execute residence, so they can remember you later. Celebrating the opening is a way to tell individuals you intend  to stay in their lives for some time. Refrigerator magnets, pencils, erasers, personalised bags, coastline rounds, and also container openers excel advertising products for such occasions.

Develop Customer Loyalty

In this competitive market all of us live today, the price to spend for getting a customer is high. To maintain a happy returning client is a top priority amongst your team. If you have consumers to recognise for being with you for many years, personalized promotional items might make the method to tip your consumer on how essential it is for your business. Desk clocks, high-value pens, jackets, personalised bags and also various other tailored advertising items could possibly do an excellent work for you.

Motivations for Security as well as Reward Programs

Have your employees kept your company injury-free for some time? Does your driver keep excellent records thru the year driving your business’s trucks? Take into consideration one of our hundreds of reward program products to recognised their initiative. Customized mantel clocks, personalized bags, caps or executive luggage are wonderful for these special celebrations.

Promote your Company’s Web site through promotional products

promotion through web

Getting your internet site online is very easy. Driving consumers and prospects to your website is different. Besides several choices to promote your website online, you may also work to promote your site offline. Firstly, do not miss a solitary piece of paper leaving your office without your full internet address, and yes, this consists of calling cards, envelopes, letterheads, catalogs, pamphlets, and so on. You should  make use of a direct mailing to consumers to promote your brand new website. Magnet mailers are remarkable items to develop vibrant direct mailing, which includes a tiny magnet  for getting in touch when they require.

Personalised Clothing For Brand Awareness

Why Personalised Items?

Personalised clothing and other items have been a part of business promotion and brand marketing for a long time. Promotional items are given to clients, prospective customers, and employees – it gives them the feeling of belonging, being your representatives and portray a feeling of unity.

New and old companies alike can use promotional clothing, even if the company isn’t that well known or is just local. The whole idea of promotional items is to create a buzz around the brand. Promotional items are great marketing tools that spread information about your brand. Clothing has become one of the most popular types of promotional and personalised items. It doesn’t matter what the business type is whether casual or corporate, athletic or recreational. If employees wear these items it is a great way for brand endorsement.

Customised clothing with the brand and the business marketing message is great awareness. Wearing the personalised items at a conference, exhibition or event will give an appearance of unity and it looks more professional – especially if there are larger numbers of staff. It serves the same purpose as a uniform, they are distinguishable.

Often businesses believe it is too expensive to buy personalised clothing online but they are sometimes incorrect. Buying online is a fast and easy process and the choice of online shops is much better than expected with some allowing the customer to undertake the entire design process and payment online.

Corporate branding on clothes can significantly improve brand awareness of a business in a very short space of time. Apart from the obvious marketing advantages personalised items can improve the perception of customers to your brand leading to many possible business opportunities. Considering it is relatively low cost for purchase and printing clothing against the amount of time a good quality item can last makes branded items one of the most cost effective methods of marketing for many businesses.

Processes To Make Business Clothing

The 2 basic features of any business that owners should concentrate on:

1.Get customers

2.Retain those customers.

Business promotional products are a great avenue to advertise products to new and existing customers for continued custom. As there are so many promotional products now available to advertise on, an owner must look at the budget, determining how many people would be exposed to the brand with the set budget.

DTG (direct to garment) printing uses water-based inks printing on clothes, more environmentally friendly than original screen printing. This means there are no excess inks used and the only waste that occurs is from the occasional print head cleaning –head cleaning does not involve any external materials only ink. As long as waste ink is disposed of correctly, printing using the DTG method should have virtually no environmental impact. Screen printing has excess inks from parts of the stencil not printed to the item and when screens are cleaned these excess inks are usually washed down the drain.

Promotional clothes can be adorned in different ways.

Embroidered clothing is unrivaled in popularity and gives the best overall look. Heat transfers can be used on items where a large image needs to be displayed – that may be a picture or company logo. Their other advantage over embroidery is the lower cost and faster production rate. Logos and pictures can be done in embroidery too but will be charged by the stitch. If the item is a loose or light fabric embroidering it may stretch or distort it with the force of the embroidery machine needle.

Embroidery works best with a small logo, where it can be used on a variety of garments and fabric types. Keep your logo simple – it is easier to distinguish for customers and cheaper to commission. Embroidery Authority can design logos to work especially with the embroidery process.

Heat transfers work best for sports teams where a large logo can be used. The Embroidery Authority also has a custom machine that can put heat transfers on sports fabrics like 100% polyester. That machine is also great for uniforms as well as personalised items. When creating promotional items for a business, any method can be used and selected to suit the qualities of the organization.

Personalised products have been noted as an essential and effective part of marketing a company – even at sports events, possibly as a sponsor. There are thousands of promotional products existing that work well with sports events, so choose one that is ideal for your company. A large advantage of using these items is to improve your marketing strategy. These promotional advertising products are often used practically and consequently your image gets repeated exposure. There are so many different types of items for promotional process. These products are especially designed to get the company name and your locations noticed among crowds. Apart from distributing items, you can also go with signs and banners to expose your name, brand and business to the public.


Marketing Firms in Durango – Why TOM?

1) TOM Marketing cuts your advertising costs unlike other marketing firms in Durango.

There is a great exodus from traditional print advertising. Moving the focus to the Internet with one of the marketing firms in Durango marketing firms in Durangothat specialize in web based marketing will help your business cut print costs and gain more exposure for less money.

Hubspot, an online marketing publication says it plainly:

Search engines are a larger source of business referrals than the Yellow Pages. Businesses no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in directories and magazines. Every business with a website has the potential to get found by more customers online.”

2) We get to know you at your place of business.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face, onsite visit from your Durango Marketing Consultant. The goal is to transmit your brick and mortar into a virtual duplication or enhanced version of your business. Without shaking hands with you, hearing, smelling and feeling the atmosphere, there is no way to effectively convey your establishment’s message. When the Internet reveals the personality of your business, community contribution and juxtaposes your products and services with your competitors, we want to get it right. TOM Marketing, Ltd. will meet with you and your staff, gather onsite materials and photos, and gain a clear view of your operation.

3) Durango marketing firms are slowly transitioning from traditional methods.

There are many marketing firms in Durango, but how do you choose which is the best to gain a strong foothold with Google? Past performance should be your main consideration. Besides, launching successful online retail shopping, booking sites,  brands and promoting events, TOM Marketing has the additional perspective of a seasoned business owner and successful sales professional. Only with years of experience, privy to the ebb and flow of the internet, does a Marketing Consultant know the techniques that work best and those to avoid.

4)We are writers.

To craft a convincing composition or to create a power-packed 200 character description from three pages of information requires attention and sophistication. To point research and data collection efforts in a deliberate and expeditious manner requires persistence and resourcefulness. Without professional writing experience, the ability of marketing firms in Durango can be strongly diminished.

Spending the last six years writing professionally Sheryl Engelhardt has mastered the art of brevity, research and composition. Discerning consumers look to the Internet for answers to detailed questions as well as everyday local information concerning conditions, facts, figures, value, sustainability and economy. To communicate effectively to this market segment is to gain the competitive edge.


Promotional Pens

One of the most popular forms of promotional merchandise would have to be  free promotional pens. unlike flyers, t shirts, tote bags and other promotional bits and bobs, pens will be constantly reused and never really immediately thrown out. Countless businesses have taken to putting their logo on the side of pens with fantastic results. here are a few tips why promotional pens can be very beneficial to a business:

  • Promotional pens broaden advertisement between all age groups.
  • They accomplish the main goal of creating product awareness
  • They are low cost
  • They boost up your direct mail responses.
  • Promotional pens are a pleasant way to promote a business.
  • They com across less annoying as they are useful to potential customers.


Benefits Of Promotional Merchandise

Everybody loves gifts, gifts are a way of thanking somebody and showing them how much you care. The fact that we can now use it to effectively promote our business has made promotional merchandise a hot ticket. The thank you gifts can not only be presented to existing customers but also to potential  clients when they try a new product of the business. This would encourage them to buy other items, which will increase the company sales. It will also act as reminder fro the customer, perhaps he or she tried out the product before or had purchased it previously a quick glance at the pen could jog their memory and send them straight back to you. This practice can be made more beneficial to any company by making it it’s marketing and branding strategy,which assists in expanding business along with earning the consumers goodwill. To make it marketing oriented, a great deal of planning should be put in so about what kind of message you want to place on the pen. something short and effective that captures the essence of your business.


Very few promotional items can compete with the usability of advertising pens. you having more then likely used one recently yourself. people can sometimes be reluctant to use other promotional products such as t-shirts, hats etc but pens seem to be the safe bet. when you really put though into the amount of times a pen might change hands, its staggering to imagine that your business name and information could be spread that far with just one pen

This atmosphere of acceptance and usage presents you with an awesome opportunity to have your logo and company name visible over and over, using repetition to further your advertising goals. And think about how many times pens are passed between friends and colleagues; this is moving your advertising to further markets.


The possibilities for promotional merchandise are endless everything form lunch bags, plates, key rings, vans and over 500,000 other products can be used. with this being said promotional pens are still one of the most popular and effective pieces of merchandise. Here are a few times when the use of promotional pens are perfect and effective:

  • Promote goodwill – Simply to say thanks to loyal or entice new customers to your business.
  • When you need more online/store traffic – by putting their website or store address on a promotional pen business owners have noticed a large rise on traffic.
  • Grand opening/ anniversary – Use your promotional pens to draw awareness to upcoming events or simply give them away at certain as a reminder.
  • Build customer loyalty – This is a cheap an effective way to keep an existing or potential customer happy.

There are hundreds of  promotional pen wholesale websites designed to help you find the best promotional pens for your business, but its very important to shop around for the best price.

For more information on promotional pens and other promotional merchandise visit: www.axiscorporategifts.ie



Business Cards

Sometimes people can take for granted the effectiveness  of a business card. But this small insignificant piece of paper can be detrimental to helping you build a successful business. This is your opportunity to make a lasting first impression ans help you secure an new customer. In this article I’am going to give you some of my top tips for getting the best business card possible from design to what information should be on the card. In Ireland alone there are hundreds, possibly thousands online business card printing companies that offer you the chance to design your own cards online, this is something to be very careful of. As you will be placing the order online you will not be completely sure of the quality you will be receiving. Your best bet is to try to speak to somebody who has used the websites services you are looking at. Have a look at the quality and the finish. If this is not possible look at previous reviews, or how the website ranks on google.  Although we all want to save some money cheaper isn’t always better, as you could be sabotaging your business before you even get started. Here are my top seven tips when buying your business cards:

1# Quality over quantity:

Although it is pretty tempting to just binge and buy five hundred business cards for ten euro, its is important to make sure the quality is of the highest standard, and if it means opting for two hundred instead so that you can afford that extra deign or finish then go for it. It just means your will have to be a bit more careful when handing them out, but when you do it will make way more of an impact.

2# Designers know best:

If possible you should hire a graphic designer rather then design your own cards. They will take all the hassle out of choosing from the endless list of ideas there are. They will also be able to keep your cards in tune with the rest of your theme. For example you should have your cards matching your website, logo, brochures etc. it will give a more professional solid feel to your business


3# Be ruthless:

When choosing the information on your card you will be very limited to what you can write, so please no life stories. keep your logo small and let your text do the talking. Also don’t shy away from using any white excess space.

4# Size wise:

Keep your cards to the classic 3.5 by 3.5 size, there will also be options to do rounded corners irregular shapes. If you are feeling adventurous or have a specific idea in mind then by all means go for it. But in my experience you are always better keeping to the classic rectangle shape.


5# Spacing and font:

It is imperative that you keep adequate space on your card to make sure not only is it readable but that it looks more appealing and not to busy. The preferred format in text that is in the center, It tend to look more appealing. The font should be something easy read, you can of course opt for fancy text but it is better keep the swirls to a minimum.

6# Use the back:

its is important to make sure you utilize the back of your card, but with only minor information. Maybe an extra website, alternative phone number, or perhaps a relavant quote about your business. This adds a little extra character and makes your card more memorable.


7# Put yourself in their shoes:

You need to put you thoughts to your potential customer, think how you would feel if somebody handed you this business card, what would be your first impression of the card and the business?, would it be something you would want to be a part of?. Is it easy to read? is the information you want/need easily visible? These are the key questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing your business cards.

Business cards are not only a way to network more effectively, but they are also an extension of your business. And should represent a high quality and professional front. They should the prospective customer confidence.

Posters For Your Business


Posters are probably one of the most effective forms of advertisement. From movies to skin care products they line our street walls, bus shelters and billboards. They range from advertising new movies to the latest skincare treatment. they evoke our whole range of emotions and millions of thoughts. they are everywhere. The popularity of them is truly astounding. Everywhere you look visual advertisement can be seen and they  are one of the best ways to promote your business. If done effectively they can influence or entice prospective customers into making an action. Although always an effective visual aid there a few tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your posters.


Top tips:

  • Make sure you switch up your poster design regularly this will help keep you reader engaged and interested, although it is important to keep any logos or font at the same style to ensure that they can identify easily who the poster belongs to.
  • Try using different sizes and shapes. this will also help catch the eye of the reader but will also help you get your advertisements in more creative places.
  • Be clear and concise, ideally you want your poster to look as good from far away as it does up close. a sure fire way to do this is to avoid clutter on your poster. from far way clutter on a poster looks like a blur and untidy
  • Clear outline all the positives of using the services displayed in the poster, always stick to the benefits never advertise the negatives on not using and it will look to busy and some customers may pick up on the negative instead.
  • When it comes to hanging your posters whether it be on a street corner, at an event on even on a notice board, do not cover somebody else poster, not only is it bad form but you are leaving yourself open to have you posters vandalized too.
  • Keep in mind that its quality over quantity don’t over do it, bombarding people int a service is not appealing its annoying so keep it to a relevant and to a minimum.


Printing companies are constantly upgrading their equipment and machines so that they can continue improving the quality of posters they print. a high quality image with crisp graphics and vibrant colours works as a very high impact marketing too. Posters and commonly chosen, not only for being very affordable compared to other methods of advertising, but to make a product/service seem more accessible and real.  Posters are a very versatile marketing tool. whether its special discounts, new products or even a new business venture posters are a sure fire way to advertise. Using the seasons to assist your posters is also a god idea and will make them twice as effective. For example around Christmas time begin to introduce special offers to entice all the early shoppers. Posters are also great for promoting events also, they can be used weeks sometimes months in the run up to your event.



Digital printing is becoming more widely used, this helps give you photographic images on your poster with sharper graphics and colours. It can also offer a more high quality finish, which means an overall better look for your poster. Poster printing thru digital way is a great advancement in your 4 color printing graphic posters, banners, signage and trade show displays. Radically, this kind of 4 color poster printing process is very efficient to use since it is directed to helping you get in touch with your clients through creative posters in digital quality image displays.


The key is to come up with a catchy memorable image, text and a suitable place to put it and you are guaranteed to see a boost in sales. Generally it is better to hire a graphic designer to help you as they will know what will translates better. Be careful not to make it gaudy or over powering, put yourself in the position of your potential customer and think about what you would enjoy seeing. There are countless outlets that manufacture affordable high quality posters just make sure you shop around to get the best deal.