Low cost Printing Solutions

Printing solutions, especially for small businesses, can be very expensive but are a necessary cost to market your company correctly. Even the cost difference between black and white and colour is crazy. When shopping around for your creative products consider the following:

Low Cost

Prices can vary from shop to shop and also depends on what you require. As already mentioned there is a very large price difference between black and white and colour. Even though colour is generally more effective, creative and eye-catching to prospective and current consumers it may not be feasible within your company’s budget. If you are financially constrained, until you begin to see an increase in business from the black and white printing solutions, do not spend money on the colour.

The reason for such high prices to print professionally is to cover that company’s costs. Paper, ink and toner are crazy prices nowadays then include employee labour – now it makes sense.

To get a good price on printing solutions many places make you buy in bulk. This idea is great for large companies but awful for smaller ones.


As noted above, most printing companies prefer you to buy a large quantity in order to justify their time and costs – supposedly giving you a low cost deal and therefore saving you money at the same time. However, do you need 1,000 of one design of flyers or would you prefer two 500 packs that have different designs? Many companies want to have variation plus they may not hand all the flyers out immediately meaning the remaining stock may become out dated and irrelevant therefore it is a waste of money – not something a small business can afford to lose.

The fact you can buy in bulk does sometimes mean you can save money if you only need a large quantity of the one design which is great for your budget. As they are all the same the turnaround time frame will be very little, possibly just a few days after placing your order.


The final thing to consider is the quality of your business printing solutions. As printing prices are no longer low cost you need to be getting exactly (or very close to) want you want to justify spending that amount of money.

Whether you’re looking for a glossy, satin or matte finish it’s important to ask to see the printer’s previous work and not just to take their word for it or see pictures. The quality of writing is just as important. Make sure it is clear and legible, if there is any hint of pixilation or it’s blurred your customers will not be able to read it – again another waste of money if it’s not going to be effective. Finally, look at the colours or lack thereof. If you’re looking to get black and white, again, make sure it is clear. If colour is your choice on your flyer make sure it is vibrant and eye-catching.

Most printing solutions companies have graphic designer available to help you design an effective and creative flyer that reflects your company and the values you represent, ultimately resulting in more sales and profits.