Marketing Firms in Durango – Why TOM?

1) TOM Marketing cuts your advertising costs unlike other marketing firms in Durango.

There is a great exodus from traditional print advertising. Moving the focus to the Internet with one of the marketing firms in Durango marketing firms in Durangothat specialize in web based marketing will help your business cut print costs and gain more exposure for less money.

Hubspot, an online marketing publication says it plainly:

Search engines are a larger source of business referrals than the Yellow Pages. Businesses no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in directories and magazines. Every business with a website has the potential to get found by more customers online.”

2) We get to know you at your place of business.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face, onsite visit from your Durango Marketing Consultant. The goal is to transmit your brick and mortar into a virtual duplication or enhanced version of your business. Without shaking hands with you, hearing, smelling and feeling the atmosphere, there is no way to effectively convey your establishment’s message. When the Internet reveals the personality of your business, community contribution and juxtaposes your products and services with your competitors, we want to get it right. TOM Marketing, Ltd. will meet with you and your staff, gather onsite materials and photos, and gain a clear view of your operation.

3) Durango marketing firms are slowly transitioning from traditional methods.

There are many marketing firms in Durango, but how do you choose which is the best to gain a strong foothold with Google? Past performance should be your main consideration. Besides, launching successful online retail shopping, booking sites,  brands and promoting events, TOM Marketing has the additional perspective of a seasoned business owner and successful sales professional. Only with years of experience, privy to the ebb and flow of the internet, does a Marketing Consultant know the techniques that work best and those to avoid.

4)We are writers.

To craft a convincing composition or to create a power-packed 200 character description from three pages of information requires attention and sophistication. To point research and data collection efforts in a deliberate and expeditious manner requires persistence and resourcefulness. Without professional writing experience, the ability of marketing firms in Durango can be strongly diminished.

Spending the last six years writing professionally Sheryl Engelhardt has mastered the art of brevity, research and composition. Discerning consumers look to the Internet for answers to detailed questions as well as everyday local information concerning conditions, facts, figures, value, sustainability and economy. To communicate effectively to this market segment is to gain the competitive edge.